Edgebander FORMAT 4 PERFECT 710 e-motionArticle number: 63846

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Auction ends 29 January 2019 10:09:57 CEST
Time left1548752997 Auction finished!
Starting price 5.000,00 €
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Minimum bid raise 500,00 €
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Article details

Year of manufacture2014
ManufacturerFORMAT 4
Type710 e-motion
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We have bought this superbly-equipped machine from a German interior constructor. He invested in a bigger machine and thus sold this one. We’ve checked it in our storage hall - it’s ready to perform and in good condition.

Many customers ask us why we would offer such attractive machines for those cheap starting prices. Our response: Only when we have attractive machines for attractive starting prices in our auction, we achieve attractive price ranges. We haven’t taken the machines into our auction to neither get rid off them, nor because they’ve seemed suspicious to us about their technical condition.

Further details

Machine controlFORMAT 4 E-MOTION
Infeed barrier Yes
Special equipmentSuitable for nesting
Edgeband thickness max mm 10
Edgeband height max mm 64
Thickness of coiled edgeband max mm 3
Workpiece length min mm140
Workpiece width min mm60
Electromotoric height adjustment Yes
Feedrate max m/min20
Preheating zone Yes
Glue system granulatePremelting unit
Quick-change glue potYes
Suitable for PUR glue Yes
Spraying device Yes
Premilling unit Yes
Trimming saw2 motors
Flush/radius/chamfer milling units 1
Corner rounding unit1 motor
Scraper unitprofile and flat
Buffing unit Yes
Magazine for single strips Yes
Aggregates actuated by controlNC-axes
Typeright-side machine
Machine length mm5300
Declaration of CE-conformityYes
Total connection kW11
Required space lxwxh5300x1678x1972
Weight kg2200
Operating statusin working order