Moulder WEINIG PROFIMAT 22NArticle number: 67603

mit Mobil- und Universalspindel / with mobile and universal spindle

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Year of manufacture1990
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Further details

Working width mm220
Planing height mm120
Number of spindles 5
Bottom spindles1
Right spindles1
Spindles left1
Spindles top1
Universal spindle Yes
Spindle configurationb-r-l-t-uni
Spindle diameter mm 40
Spindle rotation speed max 1/min 6000
Mobile spindle Yes
Infeed table length mm 2000
Lubrication pumpmanually
Feedrate max m/min22
Continuously variable feedYes
Type of feed roller driveCardanic
Required space lxwxh3850x1500
Operating statusstill connected