Wide belt sander SCM SANDYA 300 CS 110Article number: 70262

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Auction ends 29 January 2019 10:04:00 CEST
Time left1548752640 Auction finished!
Starting price 3.000,00 €
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Minimum bid raise 500,00 €
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Article details

Year of manufacture2017
Type300 CS 110
CategoryWide belt sander
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We’ve purchased this new machine from a buyer, who changed his manufacturer substitute and is now less willing to sell SCM machines. Its condition is impeccable and unused, we’ve only plugged it in once for demonstrative purposes for a video.

Many customers ask us why we would offer such attractive machines for those cheap starting prices. Our response: Only when we have attractive machines for attractive starting prices in our auction, we achieve attractive price ranges. We haven’t taken the machines into our auction to neither get rid off them, nor because they’ve seemed suspicious to us about their technical condition.

Further details

Machine controlSCM LOGIC SC
SCM Elastic segmented pad Yes
Sanding width mm1100
Workpiece thickness min mm4
Passage height max mm 170
Sanding aggregates total 1
Sanding rollers 1
Steel roller Yes
Combination unit 1
Sanding pads1
Segmental pressure padelastic pad
Sensing of workpiece thicknessmechanical
Main motor power kW15
Sanding belt length mm1900
Belt speed max m/s18
Adjustable sanding belt speedstepwise
Feedrate max m/min9
Configuration of aggregatesr-p
Jump-in control Yes
Declaration of CE-conformityYes
Total connection kW20.2
Required space lxwxh1922x1644x1960
Weight kg1200
Operating statusbasic functions can be shown
Conditionunused/ in mint condition