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Tilting spindle router KÖLLE F 45 MArticle number: 75408

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Auction ends 21 January 2020 10:11:43 CEST
Time left1579597903 Auction finished!
Starting price 1.000,00 €
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Minimum bid raise 200,00 €
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Article details

Type45 M
CategoryTilting spindle router


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Further details

Technically inspected machine

This machine has been checked by our technicians. Read more in the attached Inspection report.

Year of manufacture2000
Spindle length mm150
Spindle adjustmentmanually
Table length mm2200
2 rotational directionsYes
SCM FAST sectional tableYes
Spindle motion mm125
Spindle diameter mm30
Tool diameter max mm270
Spindle exchangeableYes
Spindle inclinable backwardsYes
Support for framesYes
Rotation speed max rpm10000
Rotation speed steps6
Feeding unitYes
Number of feeder rollers4
Feedrate max m/min33
Fine-adjustment of the stopwith display
Main motor power kW8
Required space LxWxH mm2200x1300x1800
Weight kg920
Operating statusdemonstration possible