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Beamsaw HOLZMA HPP 350 /38/38/NEWArticle number: 76469

inkl. Easy2Feed-Hubtisch

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Type350 /38/38/NEW


This machine is located at a manufacturer of interior furniture near Ingolstadt and becomes available due to the purchase of a new machine. During our on-site visit on November 8, 2019, the machine had around 13,000 operating hours.

Attention: The exact date of dismantling depends on the delivery of the new machine, according to the manufacturer the
delivery date is April 2020!


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Further details

Year of manufacture2011
Cutting length mm3800
Pusher stroke mm3700
Saw blade projection mm80
Main motor power kW13.5
Lifting tablefrom behind
Machine controlHOLZMA CADMATIC 4.1
HOLZMA Machine table fully equipped with air jetsYes
HOLZMA Central side alignerYes
HOLZMA 2-fingered grippersYes
HOLZMA Pressure beam height controlYes
HOLZMA ecoLineYes
HOLZMA Grooving and cutting packageYes
HOLZMA Turbo groovingYes
Width of lifting table mm3100
Number of grippers7
Feedrate max m/min150
Continuously variable feedYes
Saw blade diameter max mm350
Scoring aggregateMotoric adjustment
Groove cutting functionYes
For sensible workpiecesClamping pressure adjustable
Stop sideRight side
Total connection kW20.9
Operating statusstill in production use

An extract from the encyclopedia for woodworking technology WOOD TEC PEDIA



Base model out of HOLZMA production series 3 that is conceived for use in sawmills or enterprises with small batch sizes. In comparison to HPP 380 (95mm) it has a saw blade projection of 80 mm. ...
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source: HOLZMA