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Edgebander HOLZ-HER 1402 MFEArticle number: 77078

Auction details

Auction ends 18 February 2020 10:44:18 CEST
Time left1582019058 Auction finished!
Starting price 500,00 €
Minimum price
Minimum bid raise 50,00 €
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Article details

Type1402 MFE

Further details

Year of manufacture1999
Edgeband thickness max mm5
Thickness of coiled edgeband max mm3
Feedrate max m/min11
Scraper unitProfile scraper
Edgeband height max mm51
Glue system cartridgeYes
Trimming saw2 motors
Flush/radius/chamfer milling units1
Buffing unitYes
Magazine for single stripsYes
Typeleft-side machine
Required space LxWxH mm4000x1500x1500
Operating statusstill connected