Getting started

First of all, in order to take part in auctions you need a new user account. If you already have an account on, you can log in with this data on WOOD TEC AUCTION aswell. You will now find two different kinds of auctions: the price level auction and the classical auction.

Classical auction:

Klassische Auktion

Surpass the current bid to secure the article. The user with the highest bid at the end of the auction purchases the article.

Note: A valid bid in the last 3 Minutes extends the auction by 3 further minutes.

Price level auction:


The price of these articles will gradually be reduced by time. You can reserve any free price level. When an occupied level is reached, the corresponding user purchases the article.

Note: By reserving the current price level you directly purchase the article at the currently valid price.

Offer an article:

Etwas versteigern

WOOD TEC AUCTION offers the opportunity to auction your machine. For this purpose click on Offer an article and follow the instructions.

Note: The better your description and pictures of the machine are, the higher the selling price normally is.

General information:

Before bidding on an article, make sure you read the Special auction terms of the auction. They contain all relevant data concerning the further handling, payment, dismantling and collection of all articles involved.

Many article details contain links to the online encyclopedia WOOD TEC PEDIA. Click on the attribute to get to the explanation.