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Vertical panel saw STRIEBIG STANDARD III TRK 6220AArticle number: 67605

Auction details

Auction ends 19 March 2019 10:31:25 CET
Time left1552987885 Auction finished!
Starting price 2.000,00 €
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Minimum bid raise 200,00 €
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Article details

TypeIII TRK 6220A
CategoryVertical panel saw


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Further details

Year of manufacture1999
Cutting length horizontal mm5300
Cutting length vertically mm2200
Cutting depth mm80
Scoring aggregateYes
STRIEBIG evading slatted frameYes
STRIEBIG support for small piecesYes
Saw blade diameter mm300
Main motor power kW4.4
Automatically evading slatted frame for horizontal cutYes
Workpiece support with rollsYes
Dust-emission tested TRKYes
Stop with digital readoutYes
Machine length mm6665
Required space LxWxH mm6600x1250x3100
Weight kg915
Operating statusstill connected