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Carcase clamp EMMESArticle number: 68968

Auction details

Auction ends 17 November 2020 10:50:00 CET
Time left1605606600 16Days11Hours
Starting price 100,00 €
Minimum price
Minimum bid raise 10,00 €
Location DE-01665 Klipphausen
Dismantling & loading (compulsory)
190,00 €
Shipment / transport optional at extra cost
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Highest bid - €
Number of bids 0 Bid(s)

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Bid (net)
Surcharge: No surcharge! + 0,00 €
Dismantling & loading + 190,00 €
Total costs (net) 290,00 €

Article details

CategoryCarcase clamp

Further details

Pressing length mm5900
Pressing height mm1600
Pressing depth mm640
Pressing forcepneumatic
Pressure pads vertical6
Horizontal pressure pads4
Pressing cylinder per pressure pad2
Two pressing areasadjustable
Press elementsIndividual pads
Weight kg2220