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Outside profiling and moulding machine GUBISCH UFA 4 HArticle number: 70479

Auction details

Auction ends 3 November 2020 10:10:00 CEST
Time left1604394600 11Days1Hour
Starting price 200,00 €
Minimum price
Minimum bid raise 20,00 €
Location DE-01665 Klipphausen
Dismantling & loading (compulsory)
160,00 €
Shipment / transport optional at extra cost
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Number of bids 0 Bid(s)

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Bid (net)
Surcharge: No surcharge! + 0,00 €
Dismantling & loading + 160,00 €
Total costs (net) 360,00 €

Article details

Type4 H
CategoryOutside profiling and moulding machine


Spindle lengths:
* 1st and 4th spindle: 150 mm
* 2nd and 3rd spindle: 250 mm

This machine comes from a Saxon joinery and was in production use until September 2020. Due to lack of space at the original location we have taken it to our warehouse.


Further details

Year of manufacture1987
Number of moulding spindles4
Spindle length mm250
Controlfixed program
Spindle stroke
Tool diameter max mm220
Total connection kW29.5
Weight kg3500