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Band saw PEHAKAArticle number: 77914

Auction details

Auction ends 21 April 2020 11:08:00 CEST
Time left1587460080 16Days21Hours
Starting price 50,00 €
Minimum price
Minimum bid raise 10,00 €
Location DE-01665 Klipphausen
Dismantling & loading (compulsory)
110,00 €
Shipment / transport optional at extra cost
Special auction terms ShowSpecial auction terms (PDF)


Highest bid 60,00 €
Number of bids 2 Bid(s)

My bid / maximum bid help

Bid (net)
Surcharge: No surcharge! + 0,00 €
Dismantling & loading + 110,00 €
Total costs (net) 180,00 €

Article details

CategoryBand saw

Further details

Year of manufacture1970
Roller diameter mm700
Passage height max mm400
Saw blade width max mm40
Opening width mm650
Total height mm2300
Saw blade length max mm5100
Roller guidance topYes
Typeleft-side machine
Weight kg500