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Heating system ZIMA DUOMAT 250 -8RArticle number: 81575

Auction details

Auction ends 18 August 2020 10:12:00 CEST
Time left1597738320 6Days2Hours
Starting price 1.000,00 €
Minimum price
Minimum bid raise 100,00 €
Location DE-63329 Egelsbach
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Highest bid 1.000,00 €
Number of bids 1 Bid(s)

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Bid (net)
Surcharge: No surcharge! + 0,00 €
Total costs (net) 1.100,00 €

Article details

Type250 -8R
CategoryHeating system


Dismantling and loading must be carried out by the buyer!


Further details

Year of manufacture1997
Heating power kW250
Boiler content water l1520
Combustion systemUnderfeet stoker
Screw conveyorYes
Exhaust gas cleaningYes
Automatic feedingYes
Wood fuelWood chips
Operating statusstill connected