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Dismantling, loading and transport

There are three different standard cases for dismantling and loading of sold articles:

1. Dismantling & loading compulsory

In this case the professional dismantling and loading is performed by the company Höchsmann company or a commissioned company. The costs are shown explicitly and will be added to your bid, when you make one.

2. Dismantling & loading optional

We offer the professional dismantling and loading optionally at the indicated price. After the purchase, you may order our services at the costs shown or organise dismantling and loading of the article yourself. Please note that the mentioned costs will be added to the purchase price in case you order the services from Höchsmann.

3. Dismantling & loading by the purchaser

In this case you as the purchaser are responsible for dismantling and loading. If you wish, we can establish contact to a dismantling company. Just get in touch with us.

The individual situation is always shown in the Auction details of the article and the Special auction terms.


Generally, the buyer is responsible for the transport of the goods. Nevertheless, after an auction we can always offer the transport to your place by a logistic company in our charge. Please note that this causes additional costs. In case of need or if you have further questions, just get in touch with us.