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mobile edge banding device EUMACOP EUMAFIXArticle number: 15120

Auction details

Auction ends 23 June 2020 10:56:00 CEST
Time left1592902560 20Days14Hours
Starting price 50,00 €
Minimum price
Minimum bid raise 10,00 €
Location DE-14532 Stahnsdorf
Dismantling & loading (compulsory)
40,00 €
Shipment / transport optional at extra cost
Special auction terms ShowSpecial auction terms (PDF)


Highest bid 80,00 €
Number of bids 4 Bid(s)

My bid / maximum bid help

Bid (net)
Surcharge: No surcharge! + 0,00 €
Dismantling & loading + 40,00 €
Total costs (net) 130,00 €

Article details

Categorymobile edge banding device

Further details

Year of manufacture2006
Edgeband thickness max mm3
Edgeband height max mm45
Automatic procedurewith workpiece feed
Operating statusin working order