Wide planing machine KUPFERMÜHLE DOMA G 2050Article number: 71183

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Auction ends 25 June 2019 10:25:43 CET
Time left1561451143 Auction finished!
Starting price 20.000,00 €
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Minimum bid raise 500,00 €
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Article details

TypeG 2050
CategoryWide planing machine


* upper and lower cutter block is separated with two motors each
* incl. appr. infeed and outfeed table
* motor powers in kW: b-le-18/b-ri-18/u-le-22/u-ri-22/le-11/ri-11

Why do we offer this machine at this starting price in an auction? Originally we bought it at a higher price. However, our storage space is limited. Therefore we decided to offer these and some other large machines at reasonable starting prices in order to regain space. If the machines are not sold, we will put them back on a higher price level after the auction. We last offered this machine for 49.000,- Euro.

Further details

Year of manufacture1970
Number of spindles4
Working width mm2050
Planing height mm300
Constant passline heightNo
Table rollersYes
Feedrate max m/min26
Motor power bottom spindle kW18
Motor power top spindle kW22
Motor power right spindle kW11
Motor power left spindle kW11
Electric height adjustmentYes
Rotatable baseYes
Number of feed steps6
Feed motor kW5
For curved workpiecesRotatable base
Weight kg16070