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Won auction & payment

Process after a successful auction

You win an auction by having the highest bid at the end of a classical auction or, in a price level auction, a level that you reserved was reached. If the purchasing price is below the reserve price, the sale will only be made with reservations. The vendor will then have the right to disagree with this price.
Directly after the end of an auction you will receive a confirmation email. It contains all relevant data and information on the purchasing price and the article. Furthermore, the mail will contain your indicated contact data which you should check again.

Afterwards - within two business days after the end of the auction - an employee of Höchsmann will get in touch with you, in order to send you the pro forma invoice and all necessary data on the selling process.


The invoice contains all data needed for the payment. Cashless payment via bank transfer is accepted without any restrictions. Payment via check, credit card or cash is not allowed.

Hint: The article you purchased is only released, when the total amount is booked on the business account of the Höchsmann GmbH. Please be aware of the processing time of the bank. To accelerate the process, you can send us an irrevocable and confirmed evidence of payment of your bank.